August 21, 2008

Czeck Republic "word" of the week: Murdalize

Mur-da-lize: One of the better words in the English language that isn't really a word. Stems partly from murder, as in lighthearted annihilation. If you're prone to exaggeration or to overwhelming desires or to unrealistic goals, this is the word for you. For example, if you were really really hungry, you might say, "Dude, I could totally murdalize that pork roast." Created by Brooke, used by all.

Some pictures from the Republic...

The rest of the Czeck pictures can be found here (only 32 more).

August 10, 2008

Ten months after returning from our last trip, we're off again. Only this time it's for five weeks and we're heading to the developed world of Eastern Europe. We fly into Prague tomorrow and out of Split, Croatia on September 11. The plan is to spend most of our 33 days walking around some of the great European cities: Prague, Vienna, Budapest, Belgrade and Sarajevo. Our final week is reserved for a beach in Croatia, but of course, all this is subject to change as we haven't planned anything beyond a hostel in Prague.

Though the unequivocal best part about this trip is that we're sharing much of it with best friends Paul and Brooke. And after needing to con and manipulate random strangers into being our friends on last years world tour, you can imagine our relief this year.

Adios Los Angeles, Ahoj Prague.