August 23, 2006

"Sometimes I thi the people to feel the saddest for are people who are unable to connect with the profound - people such as my boring brother in law, a hearty type so concerned with normality and fitting in that he eliminates any possibility of uniqueness for himself and his own personality.”

Douglas Coupland, Life After God

August 14, 2006

Spent 4 days on the Pacific Crest Trail this week -- Kennedy Meadows to Cottonwood Pass.

August 5, 2006

“I believe that you’ve had most of your important memories by the time you’re thirty. After that, memory becomes water overflowing into an already full cup. New experiences just don’t register in the same way or with the same impact. I could be shooting heroin with the Princess of Wales, naked in a crashing jet, and the experience still couldn’t compare to the time the cops chased us after we threw the Taylor’s patio furniture into their pool in the eleventh grade.”

Douglas Coupland, Life After God