August 5, 2006

Life After God [reading]

“I believe that you’ve had most of your important memories by the time you’re thirty. After that, memory becomes water overflowing into an already full cup. New experiences just don’t register in the same way or with the same impact. I could be shooting heroin with the Princess of Wales, naked in a crashing jet, and the experience still couldn’t compare to the time the cops chased us after we threw the Taylor’s patio furniture into their pool in the eleventh grade.”

Douglas Coupland, Life After God


Anonymous said...

Life After God is a collection of short stories by Douglas Coupland, published in 1994. The stories are set around a theme of a generation raised without religion.

Most of the stories are not explicitly religious in theme but are meant to show how the lack of religion affects the characters and how they try to understand concepts such as death, love and meaning in everyday life from the secular world around them.

Coupland is gay[1] (he came out in February 2005) and is politically unaligned. He is a monotheist and does not discuss denomination.

This information all comes from How do you feel the lack of religion has affected the world today? How do you feel the lack of religion has affected society's views of death, love, etc?? How does anyone reading this blog feel about the impact religion in general has on our society? I have my own opinions and experiences, but I would like to hear yours and others before commenting more.

Michael said...

Josh & Kari,

Hope all is going well, just thought i would say a quick hello.

Ken Schenck said...

Hope you don't mind me posting, Josh. I agree that my experiences just aren't as exciting now as I thought they were in my teens and twenties. But I'm glad I'm still having them :-)

Josh said...

I don't mind at all, Ken! Great to hear from you! I'm glad we're still having them as well. I find Coupland's thoughts hilarious and heartfelt. This will be one of many entries from him!

matt said...

welcome back! you're inspiring me to get going again as well

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