2013 // We live in Fountain Square, a slowly improving neighborhood in Downtown Indianapolis, where our home sits on a small parcel of land. It is 143 years old and we are slowly bringing her back to life, through lots of sweat and hammering and crafting and dismantling and rebuilding. There is a Dairy Queen at the end of the street, which has made the transition from California to Indiana a little bit easier.

2010 - 2012 // Our home is loud and old and probably full of lead paint. We live on the bottom half, our friends live on the top half and we share a nice little yard out front. We are located in North Pasadena, a diverse neighborhood filled with the sounds of whizzing helicopters at night, and within walking distance to independent movie theaters and liquor stores, which pretty much sums up our hot patch of earth.

I studied religion, but now spend my work week parenting and building furniture.

In 2001, at the ripe and stupid age of twenty-one, I fell in love with and married the best woman I knew at the time. I got damn lucky too, because she has become even more fierce and tender and beautiful over the past decade since we traded rings.

In 2007, we sold almost everything we owned and bought one-way plane tickets to China. We roamed lazily around the world for 216 days until our bank account dwindled down to nothing. Some of our travel photos can be seen here.

In 2009, Stella Rose introduced herself to us in the flesh. She is an even blend of her strong Mom and independent Dad and spends most of her days talking or playing in the yard or not taking naps.

In 2011, our second daughter, Margot June, was stillborn at 38 weeks, leaving us in a state of overwhelming grief.  This blog has always been a family record, our lives in photos and stories and essays, and now it's about that and our Margot.

In 2012, our third child, Leo James, emerged from the womb, alive and alive and alive, all seven pounds, thirteen ounces of him. He spends most of his days begging to go outside.

In 2013, we packed our bags and left California for a year in Downtown Indianapolis. We bought a 143 year old decrepit home and restored it to it's former glory. The best of the before/after photos can be seen here.

In 2014, we headed back to Los Angeles, bought a house and had our fourth little babe. Vivian Lucia was born on November 28, the day after Thanksgiving.