June 17, 2005

Overnight hiking is like salsa. Great at one locale, tasteless at another. Two restaurants in the same day can provide two completely different tastes.

Monday - 7pm - Mile 3 :: No problems. Let's get on with it. Our bodies yearn for something like this. These 22 miles will only beg us to come out again.

Monday - 10pm - Bivy Tent :: Lights out. Uncomfortable, but a feeling of grand accomplishment; six miles under our belts. We can handle two nights out here.

Tuesday - 11am - Mile 12 :: Kari and I talked about how fun this would be out West, thinking through how we could best manage a week long hike on the PCT. This is good for us.

Tuesday - 3pm - Mile 16 :: Suddenly, without hesitation, our mood shifts to utter entrapment. Will these hills ever end? How many miles left? This is boring.

Tuesday - 6pm - Salem Motel :: After flipping four coins, we decide we've had enough and hitch a ride to a motel and eatery where we find ourselves enjoying Burrito's and Margaritas at El Casa. The salsa, you ask? Incredible.

There's Beauty in the Breakdown.