June 17, 2005

Knobstone Trail Hike

Overnight hiking is like salsa. Great at one locale, tasteless at another. Two restaurants in the same day can provide two completely different tastes.

Monday - 7pm - Mile 3 :: No problems. Let's get on with it. Our bodies yearn for something like this. These 22 miles will only beg us to come out again.

Monday - 10pm - Bivy Tent :: Lights out. Uncomfortable, but a feeling of grand accomplishment; six miles under our belts. We can handle two nights out here.

Tuesday - 11am - Mile 12 :: Kari and I talked about how fun this would be out West, thinking through how we could best manage a week long hike on the PCT. This is good for us.

Tuesday - 3pm - Mile 16 :: Suddenly, without hesitation, our mood shifts to utter entrapment. Will these hills ever end? How many miles left? This is boring.

Tuesday - 6pm - Salem Motel :: After flipping four coins, we decide we've had enough and hitch a ride to a motel and eatery where we find ourselves enjoying Burrito's and Margaritas at El Casa. The salsa, you ask? Incredible.

There's Beauty in the Breakdown.



pk said...

Hey bro, I'm pumped that the four of you got out there and had a taste of the trail together (Great pix!). I've yet to find salsa that tastes as good as life on the trail.

Seriously though, did the 4 coins matter at all? What would you have done had they flipped the other way?

Matt n Mel said...

i love the pic of you 4 in the hotel, you all look so frazzled and funny in an adorable way. The pic of jes and kari is very socal!

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