April 22, 2005

Adventures in Substitute Teaching

It's a crazy, crazy, mixed up town...

Writing from Justice Middle School in Marion - my first post in Substitute (should this word be capitalized?) teaching. I think I was more nervous before 1st period showed up than I was for any teaching I've done. I called Pops whose laughter made everything seem a little less dramatic. Then fourteen 8th graders walked in...

"Awesome, we have a sub!"
Blank stares.
"Can we sit wherever we want?"
Cold stares.
"Is this your first day subbing?" (Could she sense my anxiousness????)
Kind smile.
"Where's Mrs. Chin?"

They were supposed to read quietly for 30 minutes. I resisted the temptation to read them my book for the day, Fight Club, and let them hang out/read quietly instead. My findings from 1st period Social Studies:

IWU is too religious.
Marion sucks and they want to get out.
They dressed the same as I did when I was in Junior High.
No where near as cocky as I thought.

All morning I imagined being Nate Kingsbury and that boosted my confidence. I pictured him lighting farts or something and the kids crying as they left because they just "loved him so much."

2nd period consisted of me dinking around on-line while 4 students did computer assignments. What am I doing now, you ask? This is my PERSONAL PREP TIME. :)

$70, Josh


Dibs said...

Sounds like a great gig...lighting farts, influencing students, and getting paid. Living the dream.

Josh said...

When will you be down here, Dibs? Still up for a coffee thing. JJ

Dibs said...

It's gonna happen soon! I've got to make a run down to Sweetser to deliver something to the kids. I'll call. Email your phone #, just in case I don't have it recorded. Thanks

David Drury said...

cracking me up with the Kingsbury comment.


Josh said...

DD - Can you make sure that kid gets to see the post??


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