August 11, 2005

22 Stadiums Down, 8 To Go

So I went to a Brewers game on Monday and a Royals game on Wednesday and knocked off two more stadium’s in the process. When I was a kid, I decided I wanted to visit every Major League Ballpark before I died. Dad started the journey with me and I think Kari will finish it. I have eight left and in case you care – here they are:

1. NY Mets (I’ve been to NY 10 times, what was I thinking?)
2. Washington Nationals (At least I don’t have to go to Montreal)
3. Florida Marlins
4. Tampa Bay Devil Rays (really, I’m waiting for the FL teams to be sold)
5. Texas Rangers
6. Arizona Diamondbacks (I flew over it once?)
7. Oakland A’s
8. Seattle Mariners (beautiful new stadium)

I hope to visit 6-8 next year while we’re living out West. Texas will be my toughest get-to stadium - Would anyone be willing to fly me to Dallas so I could see a Ranger’s game? I may start all over with my son one day. That would be nice.

Oscar and I, Josh


Mom said...

Missing you guys already. So glad you could make it to another ballpark. How fun to start making the rounds again with Oscar . . . ahhh, you're getting this future grandma's heart pounding.

Love you.

pk said...

So cool that you got to see the mighty Royals in action...oh wait, they've lost 12 in a row!

Dibs said...

PK: 14 in a row! Tigers spanked em yesterday.

JJ: There must be a conference in Dallas or maybe a mission trip just waiting to happen?

Mindy (Grubb) Harmon said...

HEY Josh!!

Thanks for the wedding pics on the previous post!! I'll have to get some of mine on line soon!

Anyway, I was curious if you have been to the NEW Phillies stadium? Erik (who is a die hard Phillies fan) and I have Sunday season tickets, and although I'm sure you won't make it out towards PA anymore this season. I'm pretty sure we will get them again next season, and we would LOVE if you and Kerri wanted to join us for a game!! I know that's for ahead, but somethng to keep in mind!!
Safe Travels! Love ya always! Your Cuz - Mindy

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