December 15, 2005

Film Review 2005

Sorry, not the list that gets checked twice. :) No, it's December 15 - which means it's time for an exclusive "Movie Notes" review of the year's best and worst films. A few things to consider: One, I haven't seen Munich, The Weather Man, The Producers or Match Point - so these will not be factored in, though they might have been. Two, lucky for you, I actually did see every other film. :)

2005 "Best Picture" Favorites:
_Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang
_The War Within
_A History of Violence
_King Kong
_Lord of War
_Hustle and Flow
_Good Night and Good Luck

2005 "Most Enjoyable":
_Lord of War
_Batman Begins
_Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang
_Little Manhattan
_Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
_Be Cool

2005 "Best Actor" Favorites:
George Clooney_Syriana
Heath Ledger_Brokeback Mountain
Terrence Howard_Hustle and Flow
Jake Gyllenhall_Jarhead
Robert Downey Jr_Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang
Joaquin Phoenix_Walk the Line (a VERY close second)
Nicolas Cage_Lord of War
Russell Crowe_Cinderella Man

2005 "Best Actress" Favorites:
Flora Cross_Bee Season
Gwynneth Paltrow_Proof
Thandie Newton_Crash
Maria Bello_A History of Violence

2005 "Best Writing":
Stephen Gaghan_Syriana
Paul Haggis_Crash
Noah Baumbach_The Squid & The Whale
George Clooney_Good Night and Good Luck
Jim Jarmusch_Broken Flowers

2005 "Movies that Made Me Cry":
_The War Within
_Innocent Voices
_Little Manhattan
_In Her Shoes
_Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
_Cinderella Man

2005 "Movies that Made Me Laugh":
_Little Manhattan
_Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang
_Lord of War
_Be Cool

2005 "Breakout Performance":
George Clooney_Syriana
George Clooney_Wrote/Directed "Good Night and Good Luck"
Flora Cross_Bee Season
Carlos Padilla_Innocent Voices
Jack Black_King Kong

2005 "Worst Movies":
_Must Love Dogs
_Two For The Money
_Bee Season
_Monster In Law


Christin said...

oo-did you do a review of "Brokeback Mountain?" I really wanted to see you're review of that movie.

Josh said...

I'll be reviewing "Brokeback" this weekend! Stay tuned!! Any films that you would add?

Anonymous said...


I noticed a number you movies there that you cried in!!!


and I maybe a little insensitive....

:) MrT

Josh said...

Yea, you know you're a softy at the core!!!

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