September 10, 2007

Day 216 :: Stats and a Map, Etc

Day 216 - Mexico City, MEXICO

[a. Stay tuned for one final summary post after this one - sure to be full of emotion and gratitude. b. In less than seventy-two hours, Mexico City has managed to take our number one spot on the best cities list. With subway rides for .20 cents, neighborhoods like New York, architecture reminiscent of Europe and tacos for a dollar, how could it not be?]

Some of the following stats defined our trip (see 1,4,6) while others are just, well, stats.

1. HOURS OF LAND TRAVEL: 539 - In total, we spent 22 full days on buses, trains and other random modes of public transportation. That's 1/6 of all our waking hours. This stat more than any other, perhaps, made our trip what it was. Seeing each country from the ground, mile after mile, bump after bump, will be some of our most memorable moments.

2. TOTAL SPENDING: $17,874 - Most people want to know what it costs to spend 216 days traveling around the world. Well, now you least in our case. This figure includes every last penny we spent including: health insurance ($1156), plane tickets ($4904) and everything else ($11814).

3. NUMBER OF COUNTRIES VISITED: 13 - We have now land traveled in 27 countries or roughly 12% of the world. Our new world map of countries visisted now looks like this:

4. NUMBER OF BOOKS READ: 36 - Leg one reading here. Leg two here. The latest reading from leg three includes:
Garbageland - 2 stars - Elizabeth Royte
Middlesex - 4 stars - Jeffrey Eugenides
Chuck Klosterman IV - 2 stars - Chuck Klosterman
A Supposedly Fun Thing I'll Never Do Again - 3 stars - D.F. Wallace
Kaaterskill Falls - 2 stars - Alegra Goodman
The History of Love - 4 stars - Nicole Krausse
Shampoo Planet - 2 stars - Douglas Coupland
The Razor's Edge - 2 stars - W. Somerset Maugham

5. WEBSITE HITS: 28,451

6. TOTAL DAYS TRAVELED: 216 - Hong Kong to Mexico City - February 6. 2007 through September 10. 2007

7. MAP OF LEG THREE TRAVELS: - 35 Days, 7 Countries, 92 Hrs By Bus


Julie said...

I've enjoyed every post.

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Thanks for sharing your journey!

pk said...

How do things like this ever end?
They don't. They live on every day in who you now are.

beck said...

Wow. I guess I'll have to switch up my daily blog-check list. Any suggestions? :)

Anonymous said...

What day do you guys actually get back to Pasadena? Looking forward to it!

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