December 3, 2007

Gym Euphoria

You want to hear something true and only semi-related to the rest of this post? I have never, ever, regretted going to the gym. Not once have I walked out the gym doors after a workout and thought to myself, “Well, that was a waist of time.” (For the record, I always feel this way after eating ice cream, sitting on the Internet for too long or after paying to watch Pirates of the Caribbean 3 a few months ago.)

I like going to the gym. I especially like enduring the sweat and smells at night - late at night - when very few 24-hour fitness patrons are visible. I feel like I have the place to myself. The pool is calm. There are fewer people around to see how little I can actually bench press. And I can hop on the stair climber without waiting in line. It’s like an after hours party at Disney World. But the real benefit about coordinating my workout with Conan’s opening monologue is that I see more obese people at night. And for a variety of reasons, this always gives me pleasure in a classic bittersweet sort of way. Bitter because you don’t see these people during busy hours. I assume at least some come at night to fight off insecurities and stares. But sweet in that there is something inspiring about seeing a middle age fat guy running his ass off on a treadmill.

I admire these people who have somehow managed over the years to get in over their head. I admire the way they run and lift and sweat. And I’m glad they come at night.


Anonymous said...

Laughing out loud at this post...sitting next to Clint thinking about the conversation that we just had last night about really trying to start working out regularly. Your post was a weird way. Thanks.

Gwen Jackson said...

Thank goodness for 24 hour gyms!

mlampen said...

I want to re-introduce myself from many years ago... I've read your blog several times. I got introduced to your website several months ago. I saw your link on Brandon Joldersma's website. You may or may not even remember me but I went to school with you LOTS of years ago when you were in Hamilton. I was Michelle Kempker in high school. Now I'm Michelle Lampen. It's been probably 15 years, or more, since I've seen you but I enjoy reading about where life has taken you through your site. This is totally random sending you this note, but after reading your site for a while, I felt like I should at least say hello! :-)

Josh Jackson said...

Michelle! Wow it has been a long time. I totally remember you! Are you still working with Dan, Doug and Terry?

mlampen said...

Yes. I'm still at Winning At Home and loving it! I was full time until about 2 years ago when I had my daughter, Bria. Now I only work 2 days a week, but I can't imagine not being able to be at WAH at all, so this works out really well for me. I really enjoy reading about your and Kari's adventures... it's crazy to think about where life has taken everyone since all those years ago in school. If you're ever in the neighborhood you should stop in to WAH (in Zeeland) and say hello! I hope you two have a Merry Christmas!

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