January 4, 2008

Best Films of 2007

I spent seven months traveling the world this year and only managed to see a few movies while on the road. To make matters worse, the few that we did see were all big budget blockbusters (i.e. Transformers, Pirates 3, etc). So in order to make up for lost time, I have seen 27 movies since coming back to America. And luckily for both of us, I came back in time for all the best ones. Here are my favorites (I have not seen Sweeney Todd, Persepolis or There Will Be Blood):

Best Picture: Juno, Into the Wild, Gone Baby Gone, No Country For Old Men, 3:10 to Yuma

Best Actor: Viggo Mortensen [Eastern Promises], Javier Bardem [No Country], Casey Affleck [The Assassination of Jesse James], Philip Seymour Hoffman [Charlie Wilson's War, The Savages, Before The Devil Knows Your Dead], Josh Brolin [No Country], Brad Pitt [The Assassination of Jesse James], William Hurt [Into The Wild]

Best Actress: Keira Knightley [Atonement], Ellen Page [Juno], Cate Blanchett [I'm Not There], Amy Ryan [Gone Baby Gone], Laura Linney [The Savages], Catherine Keener [Into The Wild]

Best Writing: Aaron Sorkin [Charlie Wilson's War], The Coen Brothers [No Country], Diablo Cody [Juno], Judd Appatow [Knocked Up], Ben Affleck [Gone Baby Gone]

Best Director: Sean Penn [Into The Wild], Ben Affleck [Gone Baby Gone], James Mangold [3:10 to Yuma], The Coen Brothers [No Country], Joe Wright [Atonement], Judd Appatow [Knocked Up]

Honorable Mention: Atonement [Best Cinematography], Russell Crowe [Best Actor], Michael Clayton [Best Picture], George Clooney [Best Actor], Into The Wild [Best Soundtrack], Knocked Up [Best Picture], Ethan Hawke [Before The Devil Knows Your Dead]

Worst Movie: National Treasure 2, Pirates of the Caribbean 3, I Am Legend, The Heartbreak Kid


Dan said...

josh, i haven't seen a lot of the movies you have, but based on the ones i have i'd say your nominations are right on. i can't imagine no country not taking a ton of them - what a great movie.

you have to see sweeney todd. i was absolutely amazed. i'm not typically a huge tim burton or johnny depp fan, but it was just outstanding. i'm guessing you'll have a lot of sweeney todd nominations on the list after you see it...

btw, just read chuck klosterman IV - brilliant. i've got sex, drugs, and cocoa puffs in the queue. thanks for the tip on him.

also, i noticed you recently quoted vonnegut. i'm about a third of the way through vonnegut's sirens of titan, which i'm enjoying so far, but not quite loving yet.

i hope you guys had a great visit home, and a nice Christmas/New Year's. See ya.

Josh Jackson said...

I will definitely be seeing Sweeney Todd. It finally comes to our free theater on Friday. :)

My favorite Vonnegut books are Slaughterhouse Five and Cats Cradle. Breakfast of Champions is next on the list. Let me know if you like the Klosterman book in your queue!

Ditto on the Xmas greeting.

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