April 1, 2008

March 2008

Highlights: March marked a month off. It was the first month since we've been back that we didn't have any trips or visitors in town. Though my folks did drop in for a wonderful day of hanging out. We spent most of the month laying low and enjoying our new one bedroom apartment. We have one more month off before I head out on the PCT to hike for a month. Here is the new pad (click on pic for larger image):

:: The Building ::

:: Living Room ::

:: Bedroom ::

:: Kitchen ::

:: Whole Apartment ::

March Films:
  • Vantage Point - 5/10
  • Be Kind Rewind - 8/10
  • The Bank Job - 5/10
  • The Hammer - 7/10
  • Horton - 5/10
  • Run Fat Boy Run - 6/10

    March Reading:
  • The Stranger - 7/10 - Camus
  • Yogi's PCT Handbook
  • Breakfast of Champions - 4/10
  • The Great Gatsby - 2/10

    March Exercise:
  • 166.30 miles or 5.36 mpd (Bike, Walk, Elyptical)

    March Mileage:
  • 359 Total Miles Driven By Car (we car share with the Bills)

    ::athada:: said...

    Looks sunny.

    Gwen Jackson said...

    Love your new apartment. It was great to see it just after you moved in and spend some time with you guys!

    Anonymous said...

    Nice pad, have any room for visitors?

    Anonymous said...

    woa! love your apartment! can't wait to see it in a month!!

    Keith Drury said...

    Moving in in time to move out on the trail--! Kewl. Send me your schedule..I'll be on he AT in Georgia-NC-TN_VA then... coach

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