May 30, 2008

Pacific Crest Trail: Mile 1-210

These are the best of our PCT pictures, in mini. If you'd like to see these photos a little bigger, here is the slideshow. [The pictures are in order from mile 1 to mile 210]


Beck said...

Great photos! Looks like you had a meaningful experience, even if it was shorter than anticipated.

I particularly like the sky pic with the perched bird.

Gwen Jackson said...

Love the pictures! My toes looked exactly like Julie's - took me three days to get all the dirt scrubbed out!

michael_koert said...

great photos. sounds like a great time. julie was telling me a bit about the trip and told me to look at your blog about it.
you guys did pretty well on time and mpd.
if its not to hard i would love to see you diet per day with calorie intake and also your pack weight total and break down of supplies.
i so want to hike the appalachian trail.
i got to hike the florida trail for a week for spring break. we did about 15mpd, went about 75 miles in the 5 days.
great hearing about your trip. keep on the trail!

Keith Drury said...

I just went through all the pix! Great memories for me here!

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