July 4, 2009

Stella Month 4

[she loves to wedge her foot in the rings, stretching those chubby little legs]

[her new favorite sleeping position: sideways, spooning her pillow]

[cuddle time with daddy]


Gwen said...

Oh my word! She is getting so big and growing up on us. What a cutie. I love her little smile laying on Josh's chest. And she sleeps just like Dad and I :).

Dennis said...

I'm dying without that little girl. Could you overnight her to our condo?
Love and miss you all.


Anonymous said...

Man oh Man, she is so beautiful. We miss you guys like crazy and cannot wait until you visit. It cannot come soon enough, seriously.

Christin said...

Okay, another visit is in order. She's getting so big! And she is so beautiful!

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