August 13, 2009

Pacific Crest Trail: Mile 210-265

Last year my sister Julie and I hiked the first 210 miles of the Pacific Crest Trail, from the Mexico border to Interstate 10 near Palm Springs. And since one of my life goals is to hike the entire trail, all the way up to Canada, I set out again this year. Veteran hiker Paul Kind and I began our modest fifty-five mile trek last Thursday and walked from Big Bear Lake (mile 265) to where Julie and I finished last year (mile 210). After what seems like many days of walking the trail over the past four years, I have only completed 1/8th of the PCT. :)

We spent much of the first day in the woods at 8000 feet. The second day took us along Mission Creek as it carved its way through a burn area. And on day three we found ourselves in the hot desert, walking our way through wind farms to the end.

Day 1: Mile 265-245

- Mount San Jacinto in the background. We saw it for the first time near mile 250. The PCT actually crosses near the top of San Jacinto at mile 185.

Day 2: Mile 245-222

- Can you find Paul?

Day 3: Mile 222-210


pk said...

stunning shots man! well worth carrying the extra few ounces for the amazing camera ;-) Loved hiking with you!

Gwen Jackson said...

Way to go on another 55 miles!

Jess said...

woohoo! you'll have to let us know when you come to hike the OR section!

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