October 10, 2009

My Perfect Day

How I'd like my typical weekday to go:

6:30am - Roll out of bed, head up to the roof for some exercise. Then run the stairs for 20 minutes.
7 - Warm shower followed by a hearty breakfast consisting of our farmer market eggs, TJ's delicious sourdough bread and Kari's delicious home made black beans.
7:30 - Walk over to Lost Souls for 90 minutes of reading and writing.
9 - Come home to a quiet house and spend 30 minutes perusing my favorite websites: NPR, ESPN and 8 blogs I follow.
9:30 - Greet Stella and Kari with kisses and coffee. Maybe plan out the day with Kari so we're in tune. Play with Stella while Kari showers.
10 - Check my work to do list and work for a few hours. Browse CL to see if any comps come up. Ship a few packages. Email contacts.
Noon - Eat with Kar and Stella - something like avocado sandwiches or leftover curry.
1pm - Hang with Stella while Kari drives around LA picking up comps.
2 - Work while Stella naps.
5 - Finish working, work out a to do list for the following day.
6 - Dinner, long walk with the family.
8 - Stella goes down.
8:03 - Party with Kari: cards, popcorn and some late night Curb Your Enthusiasm.
11:30 - Pick up living room, brush teeth, neatly put clothes away and put on sleep wear.

How my typical weekday actually goes:

6:30am - I'm sound asleep because I can't set my alarm or Stella will wake up, which will in turn set off several under-the-cover kicks from Kari. I could sleep on the couch in the living room, but the alarm might STILL wake up Stella because we live in a 680 sq foot loft.
7 - Still sleeping.
7:42 - Randomly wake up, check the time and roll out of bed. Skip the shower because every time we shower while Stella is sleeping, she wakes up because her pack n play, which is IN our closet, is on the other side of the shower wall.
8 - Quick work email check finds that eleven messages have come in from the East Coast, three of which demand immediate attention. Get distracted with work until 9am when Stella starts chirping. Run in to get her before she wakes up Kari. Count the run as my exercise.
8:15 - Play with Stella for 45 until she gets boob needy. While bouncing around with her, think of all the creative ideas I could bring to a writing piece I've been working on since February. It's about turning 30, which happened a couple of months ago. Come up with a new goal to have it finished by December 1st.
9 - Wake up Kari to a needy, fussy baby that wants to extract milk from her body.
9:30 - Head back to the computer to write people buyers back who had computers damaged in shipping and optical drives not working. Remember breakfast. Grab some yoghurt and almonds. Look at my latest book sitting on the table (The Unbearable Lightness of Being) and try to remember the plot since I haven't picked it up in a week.
11 - Hang with Stella while Kari heads out for a few hours of gym or farmers market or groceries. Try to get packages ready for the FedEx pick-up while feeding Stella at the same time. Put an ice cube in her rice and beans because the first bite was OBVIOUSLY too hot.
1pm - Put Stella down, take a few moments to eat leftover curry or avocado sandwiches (!) with Kari.
2:30 - Lift 50 pound Apple computers and transfer them from bedroom to living room and then back again. Count the lifting as my exercise.
3 - Drive to somewhere, buy another computer and bring it home for pictures and listing. Have Kari meet me downstairs on the street with our multi-cart so she can haul it up while I park the Element three blocks away.
6 - Quit working in the middle of listing an item and forget to make a to-do list.
8 - Put Stella down.
8:20 - While Stella is still crying in her pack n play, which we can hear like she is in our living room, Kari heads downstairs for some wine and time off so only one of us has to endure the fussing.
9 - Text Kari that Stella finally fell asleep. Make popcorn, watch shows on-line that we missed the previous week.
12:30am - QUIETLY grab our PJ's from the bedroom closet (where Stella sleeps), change in the bathroom and crawl into our loft bed without trying to make it squeak.


Beck said...

The best laid plans...

Jamie said...

laughing as I read that. So true.

Kari said...

Wow I am a lucky woman. Sleeping in late, time off at the gym and farmer's market, late night drink downstairs...I would say that my life isn't THAT easy, but everything you wrote was true.

matt said...

Ha! I missed the premise at the beginning and thought the 'ideal' was your actual daily routine. I was like, "man, that is ridiculous you can pull that off". Then I realized where you were going with it--ha

Gwen Jackson said...

I did exactly what Matt did. Sounded good... then the realities :).

About Brandon said...

Loved reading that. It's so true about how it changes with kids - but it's a great kind of craziness that you wouldn't trade for anything.


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