May 26, 2010

Ecuador: The Plan

After dropping off Stella at her grandparents for a week, Kari and I board a plane on Thursday for South America where we'll meet the Kinds for a romp around Ecuador. Since we have such a short time, we decided to sketch a plan for what our week would look like:

Day 1: Quito, the capital [Nearing 10,000 feet in elevation, we figured we'd give ourselves a day to acclimatize. And to check out the Old Town, a Unesco World Heritage Sight]

Day 2-4: Banos to Puyo bike ride [The 30 mile bike ride will start in the town of Banos, near a volcano, and end in the Amazon near Puyo. Along the way are thermal baths, dozens of hikes, waterfalls and some treacherous tunnels]

Day 5-7: Mindo [The little village sits near the cloud forests in Northern Ecuador, where the wildlife and trails and plentiful]

Day 8: Quito


Important things:


Sarah said...

So awesome. Sounds like you guys are going to see some very cool things. Quito is amazing at night, you feel like you're touching the sky. Enjoy!

Gwen Jackson said...

Excited to hear about your time!

Kari said...

Hahaha. Love the important things.

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