June 17, 2010

Miles and Stella

For the most part, the two played together beautifully. Unless Stella wanted the toy or meal Miles was enjoying, they shared seamlessly. Miles spent much of the time trying to mimic Stella's walking capabilities, making it across the room several times, all the while grinning from ear to ear in pride. In a mischievous retaliation move, Stella got on her hands and knees and crawled around the living room. The highlight of our 30 hours together was on Tuesday night, when they played together on the porch for a few hours and talked, kissed and laughed together like old buddies.


Little Adventure said...

SO thankful for you guys.
He is walking and talking like crazy today!

Gwen Jackson said...

Oh my word!!! These two are growing up so fast on us. We can't wait to get there in a few weeks so they can get to know their Papa and G'ma.

Thanks for the pics and we saw the video, too.

Jamie said...

Oh my! I'm jealous we aren't there to join in the fun. They do look like old pals, learning the world together.

Josh Jackson said...

Jamie - we missed you guys too. Hopefully soon we'll be able to see each other and let the cousins play together.

julie said...

Loved your descriptions of miles and Stella playing together! How fun. Glad at least some family gets to live near each other. I love the photo where it looks like they're both looking at the same thing. Man, I miss everyone! I'll be traveling all day tomorrow if anyone wants to talk!

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