August 2, 2010

Road Trip Finale

In the end, we traveled our way across 2204 miles of the Southern United States in a little under 90 hours, with several stops along the way in Nashville, Arlington, Vernon, Albuquerque and the Grand Canyon. Our loaded down, trusty Honda Civic took most of the brunt with 100 degree heat and several hundred pounds of stuff packed into its backseat and trunk. I couldn't have asked for a better road trip partner than Paul, who was up for anything and made me laugh at least half of the time. What may go down as my favorite line from the trip: After spending four days with my iPhone, playing games and using the maps feature and taking pictures, he says as we neared Los Angeles: "It's like the future, but it's right now." Brilliant.

Here are some of my favorite photos, from East to West...

--A little creature outside our hotel in Eastern Arkansas--

--The Ballpark in Arlington--

--Vernon, Texas--

--West Texas--

--Grand Canyon National Park--


kerry kind said...

Hey, Josh, thanks so much for posting these great pix and for the phonepix updates along the way. So glad you guys had a great trip. The July round trip on the Bright Angel trail in under 8 hours in the heat of the day blows my mind!

Gwen Jackson said...

Great photos! Wow, you guys really made the most of your road trip.

Josh Jackson said...

Kerry, your son is a super human hiker and was the only reason we made it in under 8 hours. :)

pk said...

I can't believe the trip went so well! What a dream. Thanks Josh

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