October 4, 2010

DIY: Pallet Credenza

My latest spare-time-project was this credenza for our dining room. I wanted to build it for as cheap as possible, so I picked up three pallets for free behind a local business that throws them away. Interesting, each pallet had a different IPPC stamp on them and they represented Germany, Spain and Italy. These pallets turned credenza have literally been around the world.

The top is made of reclaimed Java wood, which I had left over from the dining table that I built with my Dad. I tried a few new things including tapered legs, dowel joinery and doors, which proved more time consuming than I thought.


Jamie said...

Again, so very impressed. I love that you wanted to do this and did it.

Beck said...

Ditto Jamie. Wish you lived closer and could build me stuff. (In all your free time.)

Josh Jackson said...

Thanks! :)

Beck - I'd be happy to build you stuff, as long as you used your brilliant eye and lenses on my family once every couple of years.

My free time equals those few days every month when my other two jobs can simply wait another day.

Little Adventure said...

I want one. Amazing. May be my favorite piece so far.

Gwen Jackson said...

Josh, this is amazing! Ditto Jamie, Beck, and Joni.

Anonymous said...

Nice - I like it a lot. Way to go. Doors, hinges, balance . . . Next you should try to build drawers!

Love you. Miss you. Miss working alongside of you.


Josh Jackson said...


I know...drawers are next. Definitely a little anxious though! It will require precision angles and better joinery.

My next project is a frame for a few prints we have. :)


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