January 21, 2011

DIY: Reclaimed Wood Frame

After landing a beautiful piece of art from my talented friend Kate, I decided to make a frame for it out of our reclaimed wood scraps. With a saw, some glue and a router, it didn't take more than an hour to create the frame. I picked up some glass from our local stained glass shop for under $5.

The wood is from the Yorba Linda Regional Park in Orange County and after years of California weather, the Doug Fir has turned into a gorgeous silver rustic color.

The picture, Where We'll Be, shows an old cabin in the woods, among the trees. I envision it being somewhere far away, where a fire cracks and good food sits on the table. It's the exact kind of place Kari and I have ventured to over the years and I imagine it's where we'll be again.

To see more of Kate's amazing artwork, you can visit her Etsy store or her blog.


kate said...

just read this in its entirety. i love imagining friends and good food by a crackling fire, too. :-) your frames are so beautiful. i'm gonna take some measurements soon for a couple. thanks for showing me off :)

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