October 6, 2011


The ride on the Metro is familiar now.

"CAVE DADDY!" she says with no less enthusiasm as the ride before, as we enter the first tunnel under Old Town. "HOLD YOUR BREATH!" I hold my breath, she makes awkward faces and little noises in her sincere but failed effort.

At the Memorial Park stop, she yells, "PRETEND CHOO CHOO TRAIN UP THERE!"

At Del Mar she talks about the fountain and somehow, without my prodding, about Santa Clause, who she believes she saw in December of last year. "I see Santa Clause. Big beard! Do you remember Dad? I miss Santa." This girl's memory is something profound, or perhaps completely normal, as this is my first go at living with a two and a half year old.

Before the Mission stop appears, she says matter of factly, "our stop," and then promptly gets ready to disembark.

Normally it's just the two of us, but this past Friday Grandma Gwen came along for the ride.



Gwen Jackson said...

So fun to be with you guys for a couple days. Loved all the outings. Especially enjoyed those 2 morning hours with Stella while you and Kari slept in. :)

Love the train pictures. Thanks for posting them.

Lots of love!

brianna said...

Great photos, Josh. Look at the happy face on Stella! Obviously she had a great time with Grandma Gwen:)

Anonymous said...

Looks like they had a beautiful time.. beautiful smiles...

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