September 7, 2012

Fairy Tales for Hope | Art + Giving

So my friend Sally and her friend Tonia recently got together to embark on an amazing artistic endeavor, a journey through some beautiful fairy tales, one for every day in August. Somehow, almost inconceivably, Tonia was able to draw and design thirty-one beautiful prints, showcasing fairy tales from The Little Mermaid to Thumbelina to Jack and the Beanstalk.

Four years ago in August, Sally's firstborn child, Hope, was stillborn after forty-one weeks in utero. She has written beautifully since losing Hope, sharing her story from the raw edges of grief and opening herself up to the babyloss community in ways that few others have. I have followed her journey from across the Pacific, walking behind her footsteps, learning from her experience.

100% of the sales from these prints will go directly to the Stillbirth Foundation in Australia, which seeks to fund and encourage stillbirth research and increase public awareness about it. All of the 10" X 10" prints are $20 and shipping to the USA is $16, no matter how many prints you order. If you're interested in buying a piece, please go here to see all 31 prints and ordering information:

These were our favorites:


Hope's Mama said...

Thank you guys so much for supporting our project. You've both been a huge support since day one and I know Tonia appreciated it as well, which is what helped keep her going all month. It was such an epic month to get through, and I was really a bystander to it all, simply sharing the images and watching the people love and adore them. You made great choices and got some of the "less popular" ones, which makes me happy! They are selling so well and it has been such an amazing and worthwhile thing to be a part of. It feels good, you know?
Thanks again.
This project is for your baby girl, too.

Mary Beth said...

I can't wait to order mine--still can't decide which ones to get. You picked some great ones :)

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