November 24, 2012


I'm not exactly sure what to write about the tattoo's we've gotten since Margot was here.

The simple answer, I suppose, is that we got tattoo's after she died because, well, there didn't seem like much else to do. We were home again, in fragmented pieces, crawling through a quiet house, facing a vacant crib and trying our damnedest to keep our heads above water. Out of the emptiness, there arose this inexplicable need to do something, anything to pass the time. In one way, getting inked was no different than all of the road trips and restaurant hopping we did in those early months. It was another reason to get out of bed.

The deeper meaning, of course, was that we wanted to etch Margot's existence onto ourselves in the most permanent way possible. We went with a simple design, two circles for each of our children at the time, something profound for us but vague enough for the rest of the world. Stella and Margot, sisters, equally important, equally present in our beings.

After Leo was born, I added a third circle. Kari went with something more complex...


Renel said...

This makes sense to me as it does to many parents whose child has died. Something phyical, a representation that can be seen since our child can not be seen. Daryl and I talked about this a lot. But before we decided on anything, I got pregnant and I decided to wait. Still thinking. I really like Kari's design~ beautifu. I also would want something for each child, all equally important~yes.
I was thinking of your family just last night and wondering about the progess on the move.

Bree said...

Four things:

1. The tattoo looks great. I really like the way it turned out. What a powerful symbol.
2. These are some amazing photos. Please come and take photos of us for our Christmas Card (the one we say we are going to send out every year and never do).
3. Kari is so beautiful.
4. In the background is that a photo of David Carradine from Kung Fu: The Legend Continues.? Because if so, HILARIOUS and I love the photos even more.

Laura Beck said...

I have been thinking about a tattoo for Tru since he passed and i can't decide on anything. That's me though... indecisive most of the time.
I love your ideas and your tribute to you 3 beautiful kids.
and Kari-- i hope you know how smoking you are lady!

Anonymous said...

LOOOOVE it. can't wait to see it in person. looks like a lot of detail and i love the symbolism of its progression.

Hope's Mama said...

I love it. I have a hankering for new ink now. I have a vision, just have to make it happen.

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