December 4, 2012

Her Ashes Will Ride In My Glove Compartment

I'm back writing for Glow In the Woods this week, talking about our pending move from Los Angeles. Please feel free to stop by Glow and join the discussion. 


surfjams said...

Oh this made me cry! Even though I haven't lost a child, I so resonate with many parts of this. You guys are brave, so brave. I don't know that I have found that courage yet, but you inspire me. Be blessed, surprised, and happy through your new adventure!

Mary Beth said...

Such a beautiful post, Josh. Much love and good luck to you guys as you head East.

Anonymous said...

This quote came to me today in an e-mail and I thought of you.

"There is nothing like returning to a place that remains unchanged to find the ways in which you yourself have altered."
—Nelson Mandela

PMEB said...

I'm sorry to see you go, Josh. But I wish you so well. You've been helpful to me: reading the perspective of a father, particularly of a father here in LA.

We lost our son 3 months ago, two days before his due date. And I can't help but hate the city that I once loved so broadly, the city where he was conceived and died. So your quote here (as many quotes) really resonated with me: "I wondered if this city would be ruined for me too. " I'm still wondering if LA is ruined for me...

Be well.

Sapphira said...

Wishing you well, always. I will think of your entire family often, and look forward to reading your blog. xoxo

Anonymous said...

just wanted to give my christmastime regards to your family,
and a special thought, just for margot.
margot, you are loved! merry christmas beautiful little girl!

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