February 8, 2013

The House: Part 03: The Little Things

Some of our favorite little things about our new home, dust not included.

<< Pocket doors off the living room>>

<< Built in china cabinet in the dining room >>

<< Original poplar floors cover the entire first floor >>


Suzanne said...

WOW!! Those details are AMAZING! I don't know what your dreams are for rehabilitation, but your place looks very sweet and charming just the way it is -

Anonymous said...

WOW. beautiful. i LOVE those doors/locks. love. them.

Bree said...

It is going to be so gorgeous.

Megan said...

I adore old houses. They truly do NOT make them like they used to. So excited to see more details and DIY tasks progress!

::athada:: said...

WaaaaaaaaaaaaaTF. You are in Indy!

IN is glad to have you.

69mi on I69,

loribeth said...

Doing some catchup blog reading... I love old houses... pocket doors & built-in china cabinets... they just don't make them like that anymore!!

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