July 17, 2013


I never thought of Junebug.

She has always been M, but I sometimes wonder what her name would have evolved into as she aged and showcased her personality.

Stella quickly became Stella Bella.

Leo is still Leo, but I'm waiting for something else to emerge.

But Junebug. That is it.

I read it recently from a mother. Her daughter's middle name is June. And she referred to her as Junebug and my heart burst into applause and then collapsed into grief.

I feel so helpless. Ten thousand Junebugs left unsaid.


Caroline said...

I especially love that should-have-been nickname. Both my boys (one living, one not) are June babies. And if I ever have a girl, June is on my list.


Tash said...

As always beautifully written, Josh. I wonder how genetics and personality would have unfolded and all the little names that would have emerged for Liam along the way. Maybe one day i'll fall upon a name and think yes, that is my Liam.
Remembering your M, your Junebug always.

Gwen Jackson said...

Junebug . . . I could totally see us calling her that.

Monique said...

Junebug indeed. All the things that could have been is heartbreaking, isn't it?

Em said...

Ten thousand Junebugs left unsaid...my heart aches.

Maj's mum said...

Oh my, this made me cry. Our lost daughter's middle name is Maj. In our country and language, the junebug is called maybug, and Maj means May. Love to our bugs, June and Maj..

Anonymous said...

Perfectly perfect name. Thinking of you guys today.

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