August 6, 2014

Starting Somewhere

What if I just kept a journal, somewhat, from time to time. Maybe that would liven this place up again. I don’t know.

There are birthdays gone missing. She turned five. M turned three. He turned two. There were parties and photos and cake and tears. All undocumented.

We bought a house. We are doing things to it, at least on the outside. There are gardens and chickens and a working furniture studio. My grandfathers garden tools hang on recycled redwood on the outside of the shop. It didn’t take long to make, but I like the way it looks.

Three camping excursions. A trip to Minnesota. A wedding. Eleven thousand cavities.

All of this is missing from the record that I like to keep here.

The funny thing about it is, at some point in the near future, I know I will actually go back through our photos and record some of these events. I will even time stamp them back to when they should have been posted. So in five years, or ten years, or whenever, it will be like they were never even missed.


Truth is, I haven’t had time.


Amy L. said...

I takes so much time. I'm glad to see you back, though. I'm going to try and do the same on mine. It feels hard to know where to start, and yet it feels worse, somehow, to leave that space behind.

Groves said...

How often I think of you, the JackAtRandoms. How seldom there seems a moment of stillness when I can tell you so.

But I remember you. All.

With love from here,

Cathy in Missouri

Anonymous said...

How great to find a new post! I still check often, and always hope to find an update. I've been a reader for about 3 years now. Can't believe it has been that long. Very much looking forward to photos....some day.

Theresa in LA said...

I know you've been busy with life. I knew you would be back eventually. Eventually has come, and I hope you are able to find time for writing again, keeping the family record you so desire and value. I love who you are! Love as always.

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