August 20, 2005

Finding A New Home

Okay, it's only been six days - but who's counting? The week was capped off by an urban meal @ Cafe Metropol and a free concert downtown with friends and first time acqaintances. We've met so many people already who we love. We feel so fortunate to have Sam $ Rosie introducing us to LA and lots of people. What a week it's been...flying by the seat of our pants...

Monday :: Sam took us around every part of the city that we thought could be home material. After driving, walking and thinking - we decided Pasadena was the perfect fit. Here we can walk to everything - it's more East Coast in the sense that the grocery, pub, University, restaurant, Post Office, theatre, train station and bookstore are all within a John Elway stones throw. This is what we imagined our new urban home being like.

Tuesday :: We spied out different buildings and started calling the signs that read 'vacancy.' We didn't have much luck until we stumbled upon a building in the heart of Pasadena and happened to meet the apt. manager. He showed us a studio that was opening up Sept. 1st - the guy who lived there wasn't even out yet. We signed the lease today!

Wednesday :: I had two interviews - one with i-Soldit in Santa Monica and the other with Marriot Hotels. Both went great - I took the Hotel job yesterday because the commute to Santa Monica was too far.

Thursday :: We swore our loyalty to Bank of America and received library cards from the amazing Pasadena Public Library.

Friday :: We walked five miles around our new neighborhood and finally hooked up with our best friends and teammates 'in the move' - Justin and Jess - it was amazing to hook up again!! Kari made some sweet connections with people who can make some sweet connections in the television production side of things.

Saturday :: Kari and I are spending all day together!! A bit of a refresh after a long week of making decisions and spying out the place!!


pk said...

I'm pumped for you two. I'm so glad Sam and Rosie toured me around Pasadena in April. Now I've got a pretty clear picture of the streets and scenes that you're strolling along. That library looks sweet!

Anonymous said...

Josh & Kari!

What an exciting week! So glad so many things have come together.

Love you and miss you already.


Mom said...

I'm reminded of my prayers for you over the years using Isaiah 58, verses 11 & 12. That the Lord would continually guide you, that He would satisfy your needs . . . He continues to be faithful. The whole chapter is an interesting one - I think you would find that it resonates with your hearts.

Love you and can't wait to someday see your part of the world in Pasadena!

Melanie said...

It sounds very cosy.... Trev has been going crazy this week getting America pamphlets etc. and yesterday we were looking at a map to work out where you guys were (West Coast) in relation to the places we want to go... its all very exciting.

David Drury said...

Cool to hear of your first week and the new pad. Congrats. I'd drop by some awkward flowers as a housewarming present if I lived in town.

PS = has anyone told you my cousin Scott Drury lives not far from you now?

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