August 16, 2005

Michigan to California

We made it!! And more remarkable, our 1990, 193,000 mile Honda Civic made it! We also survived 95 - 110 degree heat and no A/C from Spring Lake to LA. Yes, it was bloody hot – the 44oz ice waters from Taco Bell did help a little. It was an unbelievable trip.

Tuesday :/:
From/To :: Spring Lake – Muncie.
Distance :: 284 miles
Sleep :: We crashed at Matt and Liz’s place!! Amazing to catch up before leaving again.
High :: Going to a local pub with the Carder’s
Song :: “Standing Outside The Fire” - We screamed the lyrics at the top of our lungs:

“Their so hellbent on living, walking a wire, convinced it’s not living if you stand outside the fire. Life is not tried, is merely survived, if your standing outside the fire.”

Wednesday :/:
:: Muncie – Kansas City.
:: 558 miles
:: We crashed with Justin and Jes @ the American Inn for $44.95
:: Going to Kauffman Stadium to see a Royal’s game with the gang!!! (see blog below)
:: “Hangin’ Around” – Screaming once again,

“I’ve been hanging around this town corner…I’ve been hanging around this old town too long… I’ve been hanging around this town corner…I’ve been bumming around this old town for way, way, way, way toooo long…”

Thursday :/:
:: Kansas City – Denver
:: 604 miles
:: We crashed with Josh and Em Stokes at their temporary pad!
:: Celebrating my 26th birthday with my favorite people (and getting an old NES Nintendo Game System)
:: “Sometimes You Can’t Make It On Your Own” – Reflecting on Bono’s words while singing them loudly,

“Listen to me now I need to let you know. You don't have to go it alone. And it's you when I look in the mirror. And it's you when I don't pick up the phone. Sometimes you can't make it on your own”

Saturday :/:
:: Denver - Las Vegas
:: 748 miles
:: Motel 6 - $82.00
:: Driving over the hill that overlooks Vegas. We were side by side screaming and yelling.
:: "Glasgow Love Theme" - It's a beautiful anthem of sorts that makes you want to stand up and cheer

Sunday :/:
:: Las Vegas - Pasadena
:: 262 miles
:: Crashed with our temporary housemates - Sam and Rosie Bills!!
:: Highlight of the day was celebrating our move with Justin and Jess before we split ways in LA. It was chaotic and wonderful!!
:: 710AM Sports Radio - So we were getting to know our city!!!

Well, I think that is all for now. I have more to say in the days of ahead about what it means to "Pay The City" and of course, where our new home is going to be!! Lots of SoCal love to you - Josh


Anonymous said...

I cannot believe you guys were in KC watching the Royals game!!! Wish I would have been there, too. My hubby and I live in the KC area, and I must say, I have been converted into a Royal's fan--no more Cubs for me. I wish I would have known you guys were going to be in town and I would have loved to have seen you both. If you ever come back through KC, give me a call816-665-1339..David and I have a guest bedroom that you can stay in for FREE! Hope all goes well in California. You guys are just all over the place:) You're both in my prayers.


Anonymous said...

By the way, tell Kari she's just way too CUTE!!!


Dwayne said...

Welcome to LA

David and Katy said...

KC? Freak man...we live in Manhattan, 100 miles west of KC. If you come through again and you don't want to pay for a hotel...let us know.

- David Kinnan

pk said...

Jacksons! I'm so pumped for you guys. I remember three years ago when you two were out in LA and had this whole scouting trip where you tried to figure out what parts of the city you'd love to live in. And now you're doing it! So cool! I'm glad we had that time together in the QC the other week. You two mean a lot to me.

Much love.

Josh said...

Wow...thanks for the places guys. We would have used them for sure!!! Shoot!!

PK - are you modeling or pastoring in Rapid City??


pk said...

The modeling is just a moonlighting thing, you know, a little cash on the side never hurt anyone.

Ha! Great line. Actually I'm loving pastoring. Just had a huge get together at a park this evening; great timing for the getting to know everyone cause.

Steve Deur said...

Start a commune dude! Grow your own mushrooms in a basement with hydroponics. Start the garden of eden in a bathtub. what the? I drank too much Pepsi. This cooment is dumb. What does that say for the one typing? amen

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