October 27, 2005

Generation X :: Emallgration

Migration toward lower-tech, lower-information environments containing a lessened emphasis on consumerism.
Generation X, 173

So I had to get pants tonight. I've been riding one pair of pants for almost 3 months now. Not one pair of jeans. One pair of PANTS. Do you know how hard it is to make it on one pair of pants when you're working full time?

"Is that what you wore yesterday?"

"No, this is what I've worn every day since I started."

So I had to get a pair of pants tonight. Determined not to sell out to the Gap, I've scoured half a dozen thrift shops and found nothing. But I can't wear my jeans to an interview tomorrow, right? So I hopped on my bike and began moving my legs ever so slowly down Euclid towards Route 66.

I walked in the Gap a little nervous. I'm uncomfortable in these consumer driven establishments. I always feel like I'm suddenly thrown into the ring of a popularity contest.

I ran through the sale rack. Nothing. I twitched over to several pants racks and grabbed the very size that drove me down to one pair. Damn weight loss.

As I ran out the doors, I felt relieved. I had a pair of pants and 33 more miles towards a flight on United. I later added 9 more miles from a store I won't admit to setting foot in.

Two pair of pants. 42 United miles. A short bike ride. And losing another popularity contests?



Tony Myles said...

Dude... as long as you can figure out which side of the Gap is the guy's side and which side is the girl's side... count it a blessing.

Amanda said...

Okay, now I'm trying to figure out what the other store was...

American Eagle?

Come on, tell me.


The Savy Shopper said...

Ya know Urban Outfitters has some pretty fly wear, and ya won't feel like you're selling yer soul either.

Targe' aint so bad either.

See. Spot. Save.

They all use sweat shops so whatcha gonna do.

Josh said...

Savy shopper...

You've hit the mystery store on the head. How'd ya know? That place makes me gag on the way out...but that's just me.

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