October 2, 2005

Generation X :: Historical Slumming


The act of visiting locations such as diners, smokestack industrial sites, rural villages - locations where time appears to have been frozen many years back - so as to experience relief when one returns back to "the present." - Generation X, 11

(Sense the sarcasm here, or the tone of a used car salesman)

Are you looking to boost the morale of your current life? Something that will give you an ounce of dignity as you forge ahead into the future? Something that, when compared to, will give you hope that things "really are better?"

If this is you, why don't you give historical slumming a chance? Go back to your parents house and relive the decade when they last updated their house! Can't find a computer? Imagine life without one! Or how about visiting the neighborhood you grew up in? Notice the people living in the houses - yes, your old neighbors all still live there! Imagine what it would have been like to not leave your hometown!

If your down about life, try historical slumming. You will get the perspective and strength you need to construct a satisfied present and preferred future!


Summers said...

I love the description: Historical Slumming...what an image!

By the way, congrats on the Houston Astros :)

David Drury said...

From time to time I have viewed the synonym to "historical slumming" to simply be "going to church."

Perhaps that's why it restores my soul.


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