December 2, 2005

Generation X :: Personality Tithe

Personality Tithe: "A price paid for becoming a couple; previously amusing human beings become boring: 'Thanks for inviting us, but Noreen and I are going to look at flatware catalogs tonight. Afterward we're going to watch the shopping channel.'" Generation X, 143

It's funny how much truth and reality flows through Coupland's thoughts. I only hope my life with Kari doesn't fall into this trap. I think the other side of coupledom is being able to become more independent and alive. Hopefully we make each other better.

And I really hope we're not boring.


matt said...

first off--you guys are DEFINITELY not boring. Secondly, this is an interesting challenge. Liz and I definitely don't want to fall into that trap either. There aren't any plans for kids yet, but that's what scares me. Home early, not able to go out very much, always having to 'ssshhh' people because the baby's sleeping. That kind of stuff. And I'm sure I probably have a totally unrealistic expectation of what parenthood's really like. But I'm not a parent. :)

::athada:: said...

Matt -

I highly suggest an article from Christianity Today: "A Hard Pill to Swallow: How the tiny tablet upset my soul". Very interesting... let me know what you think.

Josh said...

Matt - Yea, I understand the 'fear of kids.' I think our fear is driven more by career change than day-to-day living change. We've been around enough babies to know they don't have to change weekly habits or put the parents on the express lane to boredom (see Sam & Rosie Bills).

Adadm - Thanks for the article tip. The case for/against B.C. (as we like to call it) is something we have thought through. Sure, it seems more natural to try and perfect the rhythm method or other preventative methods - but the question for me is this: how counter-cultural do I want to be? Most of the non-Christianized world don't even get married before 25, let alone have kids at an early age. I can't tell you how many awkward blank stares we've received in LA after dropping the "we've been married for 5 years" line. They usually respond by asking if we're from the Midwest. :) Sure, maybe we're selling out to the desire of wanting to fit in...but maybe waiting to have kids is NORMAL in these middle years of a new decade? I guess you'll be asking these same questions next year. Good luck...and beware of LAers...they may think your crazy. :)

Micah Dormann said...

You two boring, never, I don't know that could ever happen. I mean all i remember is being blind fold in a van and dropped off in the middle of no-where kentucky..boring I think not!

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