March 16, 2006

Backyard Playground

3.9 miles from our apartment building is a trailhead that leads to a system of trails that run for miles and miles. I've been hiking up there at least once a week since we rang in the new year. The trails provide all kinds of flexibility for the hiker. Sometimes I hike 4 miles and sometimes 12. If I want to hike in snow, I go in one direction. For the possibility of a rattlesnake, I head in another direction. From these mountains you can see downtown LA, Hollywood, the Valley and even out to the Pacific Ocean. It used to take road trips and weekends to accomplish these sort of views and experiences. Now it takes 20 minutes! [I know I build up LA a lot, it's just hard not to!] Justin and I go up together a lot -- these pictures we're of our last trip...


pk said...

So it's really hard to tell Josh, but are you wearing dress shoes in that picture???

Josh said...

Those are New Balance 707 with a pair of blue liner socks from REI (someone really smart once told me about liner socks).


I think the blue/gray combo gives off the "dress shoes" look!!

But Justin, on the other hand, is actually using a stick to eat his noodles (don't worry, he boiled it first).

Nate said...


DUde - LA looks so cool - I also think it's so awesome that you and Justin get to hang bro. SOunds like you are having a blast out there man. No wonder you stay so thin - hiking all the time. No wander I am so fat eating all the time. Miss you man!


Keith.Drury said...

Ahhhhh...I miss those Western trails!

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