October 12, 2006

67 Minute Layover [travel]

I’m walking around the airport feeling proud of myself for not using those escalator type machines that run down the middle of each terminal. I despise those little moving walkways. “You know what we need around here Bill? An escalator that moves along the ground. Then people can go from car to gate without really walking.”

I hate Colorado. And by hate, I mean incredibly annoyed. Denver in particular. It’s just so damn perfect there. Even the downtown is perfect. The bad suburbs in Denver are the best suburbs in LA.

The alien spaceship airport is perfect too. The paint is fresh and each restaurant has the perfect font. I wonder if they destroy and re-build the city every ten years. Like, “Denver will be closed until 2008. Please try Colorado Springs.”

Everyone seems distracted. I have moments where I believe I’m the only one in terminal B who is thinking about something important. Like counting the number of fat people. Or wondering how much one of those old CD players costs that is bigger than a hamburger and plays up to one compact disc at a time.

An older gentleman, with a business suit on, was talking on a pay phone. A pay phone. He looked proud and talked loudly as if he wanted everyone to know that he didn’t spend $212 a month on a cell phone. His smile read, “HaHa. You Losers.” Or like he knew a secret about cell phones that none of us knew about. It’s a good thing I saw him and his old school ways. I was just about to start speed walking.


Kyle said...

Denver Chamber bumper sticker coming soon. "Damn Perfect Denver". Love it.

Ben Robinson said...

I love this entry. I greatly enjoy the way you write. There's something....therapeutic?....about it. Thanks Josh.

Sean said...

So much for perfection, currently Denver has the highest foreclosure rate in the U.S. Hmmm, too many condo buyers financing with 0 down and risky ARMS. That and there is to much land all the way to Kansas...

I'm stickin' wit da west coast.

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