December 5, 2006

Down Payment [journals]

Entry2_We put up our Christmas tree tonight. Big Lots provided this artificial, six-feet tall beauty (the last 2 feet is one single little branch). It was $12.99. That was a year ago. We haven’t been back since. Christmas always feels a little fabricated until we go “home” for Christmas. I think it will be like this until we have more than one kid in the house and the little person is at least seven. Note: The fabrication ends near 2020.

I drove to West Hollywood. It’s Sunday, which means the traffic is bearable. The 134 Freeway leads to Laurel Canyon Drive, which takes you over the Hollywood Hills and dumps you onto the Sunset Strip. The drive is a little like driving in a foreign country for the first time (unless that country is India or 43 other countries). Studio City is trapped in the 1980’s (think strip malls and 3-story stucco apartments). The Hills are drooped with remnants of the 60’s freedom and the 00’s wealth (think floor to ceiling windows). I bet every major Hollywood player has made the trip over the Hills. Who cares. At least that’s what I told myself as we drove. One three-bedroom place on the hill was selling for $899,000. Say you want to put 10% down. You’re looking at $90,000.


Trevor said...

T,M and A here.
Mel wants to know why we havent heard from you? or if you got our post card. drop us an email and let us know your contact details and we will phone through. We miss you and I loved the last post 'Notes' it created a vivd picture for me, you left out though a description of your unshaven stuble and sunken eyes from sleepless nights.....which I added to my picture. Hope to hear from you soon
T,M and A
Looking forward to seeing always have a bed at our house

::athada:: said...

$90,000 will buy you about a city block over here...

Artificials make me weep. But what's an urbanite to do?

Josh said...

Adam: Yea, my point exactly. If we ever buy here and move to the Midwest, well, we could buy a whole apartment building. Or, more in step with Kari and I, we could open a hostel/bar in Central America and use it to fund projects in the community.

::athada:: said...

Walked by a run-down property (bulldoze-able) on Boots street and couldn't believe my eyes: "$5,000 CASH" !!!

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