December 31, 2006

Microsurfs [reading]

The Ferrari is like a rite of passage here for new money. You buy one at 26, flip it for a gray Lexus or Infiniti, and then you drive gray sedans the rest of your life. I keep mine because I can’t afford anything else at the moment, and I can’t afford the capital gains taxes if I sold it. I should get one of those “Don’t laugh: At least it’s paid for” bumper stickers. Nobody would appreciate the irony that I’m holding on by my teeth.

Microsurfs, Douglas Coupland


Dan said...

hey josh,

i saw your blog linked from dave drury's... thought i'd check it out and see what you were up to.

at drury's suggestion i started reading some coupland - i read generation x (which i loved) and life after god, which was good, but i didn't enjoy as much, and now i'm reading hey nostradamus!, which is my favorite so far i think. he's an incredible writer.

have you read his other stuff? any recommendations?

hope you had a great christmas and have a happy new year.


Josh said...

Dan - I'm with you on your critique of Coupland's other 2 books. I would link Microsurfs with Life After God. But if you like Coupland, then check out Chuck Klosterman. My favorite of his so far is Killing Yourself to Live.

I hear you're doing great! Happy New Year...


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