February 16, 2008

Los Angeles On the Cheap - Lake Produce

It's not too often that those of us living in Los Angeles can brag about something being cheap. Our cost of living is higher than almost anywhere in America, excluding New York and San Francisco. Not only is our studio apartment rent higher than most of your three bedroom house mortgages, we also pay more at the pump, the grocery store and even at the movie theater.

So you can imagine my delight every time I go to our favorite locally owned fruits and veg shop - Lake Produce - where the prices on just about everything are significantly lower than everywhere else in town. Here's what I got today, all for the rock bottom price of $19.50:

1 - Cantelope
12 - Jonagold Apples
2 - Carrots
3 - Potatoes
3 pounds of Strawberries
1 - Grapes
9 - Bananas
1 - Celery
1 - Onion
3 - Limes
2 - Lemons
2 - Jalepenos


Anonymous said...

Great deals, and what a tantalizing table of produce! Gets me excited for Farmer's Market. :)


p.s. Thanks for the post. ;)

Estoked said...

your classic man, you crack me up. :)

Gwen Jackson said...

A healthy assortment of produce!

Anonymous said...

i was walking home from my bus stop the other day and decided to stop in at "double 8 foods" and it was so cheap. yesterday i got a pound of baby carrots, a cucumber, a green pepper, 6 tomatoes, and a banana for 5.26. i thought that was pretty cheap.

David Drury said...

HA! The best part of seeing this for me was imagining you setting up your table for this "still life" shot of your produce. Hilarious.

Gotta love fruit! When kathy and I were in Costa Rica 18 months ago we almost moved in permanently just to experience the cheap delicious fruit.


Anonymous said...

Oh, man! Just the fresh, ripe strawberries alone are enough to consider a trip to CA. The "strawberries" at Orchard Market right now are about $4 for an assortment of greenish, molding, tough-skinned wannabes.

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