February 29, 2008

February 2008

Highlights: February marked another month of travel and visitors. Our best friends from Australia came out for two weeks and we did just about everything the Southwest has to offer - from Vegas to the Grand Canyon to Hollywood. It was a great reunion! We also spent a couple of days visiting Heather and Jodi in Minneapolis to celebrate birthdays and get a little taste of winter. Finally, at the end of the month we moved into a 1-bedroom in our same building. It's 1000 sq. feet of heaven and we have rarely left it since we moved in. March will be the first month since we got back from our trip where we don't have any trips planned or visitors coming. We'll be laying low, hanging with friends...

February Films:
  • Persepolis - 4/10
  • In Bruges - 9/10
  • There Will Be Blood - 7/10

    February Reading:
  • Eleanor Rigby - 8/10 - Coupland
  • Time/Rolling Stone

    February Miles:
  • 99.5 miles or 4.73 mpd (counting days I was in town)

    NEW - February Mileage:
  • 107 Total Miles Driven By Car (we car share with the Bills)

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