April 30, 2008

April 2008

Highlights: We laid low for our second straight month. We did manage to squeeze in a camping trip to Idyllwild with the Bills. And we celebrated a birthday and an anniversary. Well, there is one more thing regarding the statistics below (and no, it's not anything about the lame movies we saw this month). For the first time since coming back to Los Angeles, I rode more miles on my bike than I drove. Okay, that's it.

April Films:
  • Flawless - 4/10
  • Smart People - 4/10
  • Leatherheads - 6/10
  • Priceless - 7/10
  • Forgetting Sarah Marshall - 5/10

    April Reading:
  • A Walk In The Woods - 6/10 - Bryson
  • Where I'm Calling From - 8/10 - Carver

    April Exercise:
  • 182.2 miles or 6.07 mpd (Bike, Walk, Elyptical)

    April Mileage:
  • 135 Total Miles Driven By Car (we car share with the Bills)

    Dannalie said...

    Good for you on the biking riding!
    Have a great weekend!

    Beck said...

    I need more stats. Suggestions: laundry detergent used (ounces or milliliters both acceptable) candy bars eaten, time spent on internet. Go.

    Josh Jackson said...

    lol! I could make your head spin with stats. You have no idea how deep my OCD goes...

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