December 28, 2008

2008 Review [or] A Late Christmas Card

Following a whirlwind adventure circumnavigating the globe in 2007, it's safe to say we remained more grounded in 2008. Though we did manage to squeeze in several trips to see family and friends, a 210 mile hike on the PCT and a five week backpacking trip with Paul and Brooke to Eastern Europe. Beyond that, we spent the year living in Los Angeles and sharing life with our close friends here. And of course, Kari became pregnant in 2008 and is now 34 weeks along...

A year in review, via pictures and statistics:

The following statistics are purely for my own archives. If you knew how many other statistics I have for 2008, you might stop reading this blog.

  • Walk/Bike Miles: 1571 or 4.6 miles per day
  • Driving Miles: 4518 or 94 miles per week
  • Films: 57 or 1.09 per week
  • Reading: 23 books or 1.9 per month


Beck said...

Correction: if I knew how many other statistics you kept I would check your blog EVERY SINGLE DAY.

Cutest belly EVER on Kari. I want to assault you two with my camera.

Your dad looks EXACTLY the same. Wow.

Keith Drury said...


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