December 19, 2008

Photo Los Angeles: 02: San Gabriel Mountains

-San Gabriel Mountains, just north of Pasadena
-Photos taken from the Sam Merrill and Castle Canyon Trails
-December 18, 2008

[A three day winter storm swept through Los Angeles on Monday through Wednesday, dumping rain under 2500 feet and snow above 2500 feet. So early yesterday morning, a friend and I hit the trail and began our ascent to Mount Lowe (5603 ft elevation). The snow started gradually until we neared the top, where it was three to four feet deep. Most of the time we had clear views of Los Angeles below and sometimes caught glimpses of the Pacific Ocean, all while hiking through snow. It was simply fantastical.]

J, P and wasn't the same without you.


Gwen Jackson said...

Cool pictures! Looks like a great hike. Love the big snowball.

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