February 10, 2009

Best Films of 2008

Just when I thought 2008 was a write-off on the film front, December came along and slapped me in the face with unforgettable performances and some downright disturbing tales. After viewing fifty-seven films in the theater, including all of the Oscar selections, my favorites include the following (winners in bold):

     Best Picture:

In Bruges
Revolutionary Road
The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

     Best Actress (lead/support):

Meryl Street - Doubt
Penelope Cruz - Vicky Christina Barcelona
Kate Winslet - Revolutionary Road/The Reader
Frances McDormand - Burn After Reading
Cate Blanchett - The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

     Best Actor (lead/support):

Sean Penn - Milk
Frank Langella - Frost/Nixon
Colin Farrell - In Bruges
Richard Jenkins - The Visitor
Heath Ledger - The Dark Knight

     Best Director:

Danny Boyle - Slumdog Millionaire
Sam Mendez - Revolutionary Road
David Fincher - The Curious Case of Benjamin Button
Martin McDonagh - In Bruges
Ron Howard - Frost/Nixon

     Best Writing (original/adapted):

In Bruges
Revolutionary Road

     Funniest Movie:

Burn After Reading
Forgetting Sarah Marshall
The Hammer
Pineapple Express

     Best Action Flick:

Tell No One
Iron Man
Tropic Thunder

     Worst Picture:

27 Dresses
The Incredible Hulk
Quantum of Solace
The Bucket List


Anonymous said...

I love this post, I'm going to subsribe to ur blog :) My favorite actor is Fran Kranz, he has a FOX show coming out and does an awesome blog on showbizzle.com

Hunter's Blog

Just thought you'd like this, as a fellow actor!!

pk said...

I love these posts!

Would Dark Knight count as an action movie? If so I'd say that beats Wanted in my book...although Wanted was fun.

Josh Jackson said...

Unfortunately, I wasn't a huge Dark Knight fan. Though Nolan's vision was fresh and innovative. Either way, I probably should have thrown it into the mix. :)

Sarah said...

Josh, I like that you add your own categories. :)

Good list, it will be interesting to see who wins.

I disagree on a couple things: I kinda hated the movie Wanted, so I would give best action flick to Iron Man, and I think Rev. Road will get it for adapted screenplay. Other than that, I could definitely agree. It's nice to have another list to look at!

Josh Jackson said...

Sarah --

I changed my mind at the last minute and chose Wanted over Iron Man. It was that close. :)

I would be thrilled if Rev Road won for screenplay. I can't believe how shafted it got by the Academy!

Sarah said...

RR really did get shafted, which is unfortunate. Good movies like that don't come around too often.

By the way, I was going to tell you, you should check out the trailer for "Must Read After My Death." It looks like a real-life version of Revolutionary Road, and it seems intriguing.

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