February 12, 2009

Nonrequired Reading: 011: Factotum

It was true that I didn't have much ambition, but there out to be a place for people without ambition, I mean a better place than the one usually reserved. How in the hell could a man enjoy being awakened at 6:30 a.m. by an alarm clock, leap out of bed, dress, force-feed, shit, piss, brush teeth and hair, and fight traffic to get to a place where essentially you made lots of money for somebody else and were asked to be grateful for the opportunity to do so?

-- Charles Bukowski, Factotum, 127


Beck said...

This is me, checking in. Like I have been, multiple times a day. Compulsively.

Because there's a baby coming, and she's coming soon.

I can't wait to hear the news.

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