February 5, 2010

Milestones and Then Some

In the same week our Element flipped to six digits, Stella rode in her bike seat for the first time. From wearing an uncomfortable helmet to zipping down Lake Avenue in cool morning temperatures, she seemed to handle the new experience like a pro. I knew the ride was going well when I turned around to see her feet crossed, her go to position when she's relaxed.

She seems older these days, just a few weeks before her first birthday. It's not just that she's climbing everything or playing hide and go seek or drinking whole milk or any other number of new things that seem to come in rapid succession. Her eyes seem different...the way she peers around corners or stares into us as if channeling a deeper level of understanding. She interacts with us differently. She gets her feelings hurt. Her personality is a whole lot of personality.

She's beginning to feel like a toddler.


Beck said...

This is a fun time... when you *really* get some insight into the inherent and developing personality, beyond the intrinsic cause/ effect responses of a baby. It's that sparkle you refer to... that flash of recognition behind the eyes that gives her away... baby girl is coming into her own. Have fun! :)

Gwen Jackson said...

Oh, to pick her up and hold her! She is growing up so much. Love the pics, especially that last one :)

Good to talk last night even if it was 1:30 in the morning here... love you guys.

Little Adventure said...

I love everything. We miss you guys so much and cannot wait to see you soon. Love you

Little Adventure said...

Also, where did you pick up the bike seat, i have been looking for one for Miles so we can go on long rides together on my new bike!

Josh Jackson said...

Joni - the bike seat is called the CoPilot Limo - they retail for $135- $150 - I found this one on eBay for $85 or so. :)

Jodi said...

I love the way she's looking at you from the 'backseat' of the bike... You're her hero!

The headphones pic might just be my favorite one ever.

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