February 21, 2010

Stella's First Year In Photo Booth

Stella's evolution through Photo Booth...volume would help. :)


Happy 1st birthday kiddo...


Jamie said...

Happy Birthday sweet Stella!

What a great idea! Did you have that in mind the whole time or did you happen to take a lot of pictures along the way and then realize you had all that?

Hopefully you got the package we sent or will get it tomorrow!

Gwen said...

So fun Josh. Love the song!

Oh, we are missing our birthday girl today!

rosaleebills said...

Great video!! Happy birthday STELLA!!!

Uncle Dennis said...

Happy First Year Stella.... with love.... from your Great Uncle Dennis and Aunt Karen
P.S. What a great day to be born!!

Heather said...

Oh Josh, that was so wonderful!!!!!!

Mike and Joni said...

and i'm crying. love you stell

Josh said...

Jamie...I didn't have it in mind until two months ago when we were doing some more photos and I went back and looked at all of them and thought, "dang, this would be cool to put together for her first birthday."

Something like that anyway. :)

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