February 18, 2011

A Day At the Lake

A new daughter is coming soon, Grandma is here and I left town for a day in the mountains. I brought the winter coat for some hiking, the laptop for some writing and The Road for some postapocalyptic reading. The snow is falling here at Jackson Lake, just on the other side of the mountains from my home. After a peaceful hike around the place, I opened up the back of the Element, crawled in my sleeping bag and dozed off.


Jamie said...

Looks wonderful. Love the pictures. Curious what writing you're doing...

Josh Jackson said...

I spent some time writing the potty training diary that just went up. :) You can tell Evee that she helped Stella go potty this week!

Other than that, I finished reading The Road and worked on writing some other pieces that are in my "progress" file. :)

Gwen Jackson said...

Glad you had a day like this. I'm sure much needed! Sounds like my kind of day... reading, writing, hiking, and a nap :)

Enjoy the extra help! Love you!

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