February 23, 2011

A Hike In the Snow

Just up the road from us, some four miles away, is a trailhead that quickly ascents five thousand feet towards Mt Lowe and even deeper into the San Gabriel Mountains. Paul and I climbed the peak on Monday after a big snow weekend. We faced sun and clouds, snow drifts and desert, pine forests and charred landscape and changed multiple times over the fourteen mile hike. Here are some of my favorite photos in chronological order.


Anonymous said...

And here I thought that if we ever moved to CA we wouldn't need our snowshoes. Thank you for correcting me Josh.

Gwen Jackson said...

Love the pictures!

Josh Jackson said...


We didn't end up quite needing the snow shoes, but we did have them just in case. :) If we had made it up on Sunday, the day after the big storm, we would have used them for sure!

All of these Los Angeles related posts are intended to lure friends like you out to California. :)


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