June 23, 2011

DIY: Stella Inspired Outdoor Puzzle Table

While I have three grief posts brewing and one big Still Life art project in the works, I figured a post of some kind was do.

Stella and I finished this piece last week for our porch. There aren't many days that go by without the two of us getting her blocks out so we can play dominoes and build tall buildings. Or as Stella puts it, "build city dad?" She loves one particular design that we came up with because we can see each other through the building and play little games of hide and seek. So when K and I decided it would be nice to have a porch table for wine glasses and feet to rest on, Stella's favorite block design won out. I used reclaimed scrap wood from the shop and Stella helped as much as she could with handing me wood and adding the finish.


Megan said...

Well, I want to put my feet and wine glass up on it! Lovely piece; I also love the corner-shelf with the potted succulents on it.

Gwen said...

Love the creative table, especially knowing Stella and her blocks were the inspiration behind it, but my favorite picture is that last one with the smiling face.

Sarah said...

the pieces you create are so interesting and beautiful, josh. much love to you and your family.

still life angie said...

Cool table. My husband would love that. And a still life project, wheeee, I'm excited about that.

Josh said...

Thanks everyone.

Megan - your feet are always welcome. I'm guessing they will need some rest soon.

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